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n.o.n.u.k.e.s. screeing of radio activists Friday April 13th in NYC!

7:30 PM the cage gallery 83 Hester St NY NY

Radioactivists screening and skype conversation to japan!



Greetings!  A couple members of Tituba’s Revenge have been involved with Japanese comrades developing analysis and activity after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  The disaster has created a serious crisis and also response in the realm of social reproduction, and especially the work of women.  Because the disaster has affected food supplies, mobility, and air quality, those people taking care of household and children have been most affected, but have also taken resistance measures.  This has included protests, but also autonomously initiated testing (because the testing by the state has been deliberately false).  The response from the Japanese state has been to call women irrational, and demand they “stop worrying and take care of their children.” 

In New York, the n.o.n.u.k.e.s. crew has been working to make the connections between the nuclear crisis in Japan, the environment, the crisis of social reproduction in NYC, and the fact that we cannot separate the environment from the reproduction of society and the pressures of global capitalism. 

More information in the screening and n.o.n.u.k.e.s. at http://www.jfissures.org/filmtalk2/


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