About Tituba’s Revenge


We are a group of anti‐capitalist nonprofit workers who are majority queer women of color in NYC. The professionalization of nonprofits has drawn a significant amount of women – progressive activists from our communities in particular – into the low‐wage, long hours, and non‐unionized working conditions. We feel that there is a vacuum in the analysis of the exploitation in the nonprofit workplace. Nonprofits are serving as an integral part of the capitalist society rather than operating outside of it. We want to dispel the myths we are told about nonprofits to create an active project aiming to develop an anti‐capitalist analysis of the material oppression of the communities we work within through fighting against our shared exploitation in the workplace.


The name “Tituba’s Revenge” comes from a Black Caribbean woman named Tituba who was enslaved and brought to Salem, Massachusetts. She was persecuted in the witch trials particularly because she was an African healer.  We want to acknowledge the centuries of women’s struggles against capitalist patriarchy that appropriates and alienates us from our knowledge and labor and find ways to fight back in our own workplaces.

Hit us up: titubas.revenge@gmail.com


One thought on “About Tituba’s Revenge

  1. dear tituba’s revenge,
    just came across your website and found it very inspiring!
    we’re a group of london cultural and education workers fighting a similar ground, thought to send you new years greetings and a link to a guide we just made. it tries to do similar things to yours. http://precariousworkersbrigade.tumblr.com/CounterGuide
    all the best for your struggles!

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